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Our Podiatric Physicians specialize in the skilled, subacute, and inpatient nursing facility care. In the past this population has often been excluded by Medi-Cal managed care at the facility. While Coordinating Medi-Cal and Medicare benefits across health care settings this problem was identified and corrected as part of the Coordination of Care Initiative, Medi-Cal LTSS integration and Cal Duals Demonstration. This means a bulk of additional patients will qualify for care in the facility setting. Treating this increased volume on site is not feasible for most office based managed care podiatric specialists. Furthermore,the cost of transporting all these patients to the aforementioned offices would be extremely high and not a viable option. Our physicians have built their practices on this dynamic spending minimal days a week in the office setting and the bulk of their time away caring for thousands of California facility patients.

All of our physicians have their California State Podiatric Medical License, done at least one year of residency training, and are broadly covered by malpractice insurance. We know that it is extremely important to provide physicians that have a firm grasp of working in this complex care setting and guarantee our team is the easiest, most experienced, and friendly to work with. Complete Care Podiatry Group looks forward to providing excellent care for your facility patients.